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Tax Planning

Tax consequences are one of life’s certainties.

By creating a tax-efficient financial plan, you can potentially increase your return on investment by reducing your tax liability. 

In general tax-efficient investment planning involves:

  • Being aware of how your income, investment purchases, and expenditures align with current IRS regulations.
  • Selection of investments (bonds, stocks, capital assets, real estate) and retirement plans (annuities, IRA’s, 401K’s) that can potentially reduce your tax burden.
  • Checking your filing status and common deductions.
  • Low turnover of your stock portfolio. A balanced stock portfolio will have a blend of taxable accounts and tax-deferred accounts. The more often you trade out of the taxable accounts, the higher your risk for taxes.

At RMT Wealth Management, you get the best of both worlds… personalized tax-efficient investment planning by Robert Troyano, CFP ®, CPA.

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